Hitom skogen bortom de stora haven, är en samlingsplats för berättelser på nätet.
Det är både en affisch i formen av ett brev som behandlar minnet, tankens vandring,
personliga och geografiska verkligheter och en websida bestående av
besökarnas respons på affischen.
Saknar du någon du förlorat? Vad är klockan?
Kommentera gärna brevet genom att ladda upp text, ljud och/eller bilder.
Till exempel en sång, en bild av en teckning du gjort eller beskriv helt enkelt dina
referenser eller personliga upplevelser i ord.

Det här är ett konstverk av Pia Sandström och gjordes ursprungligen till
"The places of negotiation",
BELEF - Belgrade Summer Festival 2007. Publikation släpps sommaren 2010. Läs mer längre ner.


This side of the forest longing for the great ocean is a container
for narratives on the web. It’s both a letter-like poster concerning
memory, wandering of thoughts, personal and geographical realities
and a web site comprised of work made by the audience through an open
call in response to the poster.

Do you miss someone you have lost? What time is it?

You can add a comment to the letter by uploading texts, sound and/or images.
For example a song, a picture of a drawing you’ve made or simply describe
your references or personal experiences with words.

This is a project by Pia Sandström as part of "The places of negotiation", BELEF - Belgrade Summer Festival 2007.

More about NON-PLACES: Negotiating place is stretched out in time and space. Gathering a group of curators and artists the project has two aims. It deals with the notion of place vis-à-vis non-place, as it has been understood and used in the discourse of cultural theory parallel to the technocratic formation of western social apparatus. And in a process-based way it tries to find alternative working models for artistic production.

NON-PLACES is using the field of the art world, our common denominator, as a starting point, investigating whether the notion of non-place and its counterparts in the realm of today are productive while thinking around space, one of the fundamental parameters of human life.
With exhibitions and discussions, both public and closed, being held in Ufa, Russia 2005, and Gothenburg, Sweden 2006, the project is now a part of Belef, Belgrade Summer Festival, Serbia 2007. Within Belef the project opens up for reflection on how the intimacy of the particular is negotiated within the larger framework of the general.


Artists/NON-PLACES: Kalle Brolin, Marina Ivashenko, Charlotte Karlsson, Sveta Menshikova, Petar Mirkovic, Milena Putnic, Maxim Rusakov & Pia Sandström. Curators: Dina Bulavina, Maja Ciric & Camilla Larsson.

Publication will be released Summer 2010, for more info larsson.camilla<at>gmail.com

With kind support from IASPIS - International Artists Studio Program In Sweden and BELEF